Turkey has been one of the lead countries providing relief to Nepal after the devastating earthquake that hit the country nine days ago – sending dozens of search and rescue workers and tonnes of aid.

As one of the world’s most earthquake-prone nations, Turkey has a wealth of expertise in dealing with natural catastrophes and is often on the frontline when disaster strikes.

The April 25 quake killed at least 7,500 people and injured more than 14,000, according to Nepali police.

Below is a rundown of the assistance provided by Turkish agencies.

- AFAD (Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority)

The government agency coordinates all assistance sending from Turkey. The Red Crescent, the GEA Search and Rescue Team, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and the General Directorate of Emergency Health Services all work under AFAD’s direction.

AFAD sent 96 search and rescue staff, 1,000 tents and 320 food packages in first 24 hours of the disaster.

The agency also sent 16 tonnes of supplies, including food, medicine and hygiene materials.

- IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Sent 26 search and rescue experts, including doctors. The foundation also sent food, water, tents and children's items.

- GEA Search Rescue Team

Dispatched 13 staff, including medics, as well as 1.5 tonnes of search and rescue equipment; 2,500 liters of water; food; medicines; hygiene materials; diapers; and toys.

The team saved two people – Bikram Chepang, 22, and John Keisi, 21.


As the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey, the Turkish Red Crescent sent four disaster teams from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey.

The Turkish team took 1,000 blankets and six tonnes of food and 12,000 bottles of drinking water.

The group is planning to send 2,000 shelters to protect survivors from the elements, as well as five-man tents and large, 60 square meter tents.

- AKUT Search and Rescue Association

The non-governmental agency sent 20 staff, including three doctors and a nurse, along with 1.5 tonnes of technical material for rescue and health needs.

- Memur-Sen

The Confederation of Public Servants’ Trade Unions sent a lorry loaded with food aid through IHH.

- Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Sent 8 search and rescue experts. Also sent 20.5 tonnes of food and donated 23,000 US dollars to people in need.

Anadolu Agency