A group of Turkish and Russian energy experts are set to meet in Istanbul on Thursday to discuss energy cooperation specifically in the field of natural gas.

Anadolu Agency, co-organized by the Russian news agency TASS, is hosting the Turkish-Russian Energy Experts Roundtable meeting, which will comprise two sessions entitled Natural Gas in Future Energy Mix, and TurkStream in Turkey's Gas Future.

The participants including leading academics and energy experts from both countries are expected to discuss Turkey-Russia relations in the field of energy, as well as current and future projects, in particular the TurkStream gas pipeline.

Running through the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey, the TurkStream natural gas pipeline consists of two 930-km lines each with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters.

The first line is intended for gas supplies to Turkish consumers, while the second is to supply gas to south and southeastern Europe.

The pipeline, which is expected to proceed into Europe through Bulgaria, will become operational at the end of 2019.